Company co-founder Doug Olson with eyewear designer Tatsuro Kimura.

The TYW brand was started by Aspen Colorado based freeskier Torin Yater-Wallace and Aspen entrepreneur Doug Olson. Our story is especially unique because of Torin’s lineage: his grandfather Renny Yater is a pioneer is the realm of surfboard design – Yater’s unique surfboards (www.yater.com) are considered by many in the industry to be one of the world’s top niche longboard brands.

TYW Designs is working with acclaimed Japanese eyewear designer Tatsuro Kimura (http://www.japanoptical.jp/company) in utilizing Torin’s distinctive background to create highly durable, design-centric sunglasses that appeal to this complementary duality of surf and ski, waves and mountains – a variety of apparel items, meant to complement the sunglasses line, are also being offered – all TYW products have their roots in the Yater family’s tradition of excellence, emphasizing traits of high quality design and manufacturing.